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QuietCool’s Solar Roof Mount Attic Fan is the most intelligent attic fan on the market today. This fan utilizes solar power to keep your home cool and safe throughout the day. Better yet, with the included AC/DC inverter, your fan can continue running during nighttime hours or when the sun is not out.  Utilizing a large solar panel, an AC/DC Inverter, weatherproof design, and revolutionary technology this fan provides eco-friendly cooling all year long.

Our solar roof mount attic fan is not only powered by solar panels but an ultra-energy efficient DC Motor that allows the fan to never stop protecting your attic. This motor is an industry-leader that allows for a long lifespan with no maintenance.  This means you get everyday cooling at the fraction of the cost of other attic fans.

  • Plug and play (no wiring)

  • AC/DC Inverter for 24/7 cooling

  • Poly crystalline Solar Panels

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Inverter Plug-in Cord:

Up to 60º vertical tilt and 180º horizontal rotation for maximum sunlight exposure.

Ultra-Energy Efficient DC Motor:

Industry-leading Brushless DC Motor that allows for a long lifespan with no maintenance.

Inverter Plug-in Cord:

20-foot cord that allows you to plug and play from anywhere in the attic.

AC/DC Inverter:

Allows your Solar Attic Fan to run on your electrical grid so your fan can operate 24/7 even after the sun goes down.

Built-in Preset Thermostat:

A mechanical thermostat that determines when your fan turns on and off (72 ºF off 83 ºF on).


Flashing that prevents water from entering the attic space.

Solar Panel:

Polycrystalline solar panel that is up to 2-4 times the output of the industry standard.

Roof Mount Housing/Cover:

Powder-coated Steel Housing/cover that protects the fan from any outdoor elements.

Vortex Air Funnel:

Aerodynamic funnel that distributes large quantities of air evenly throughout the Roof Mount Housing resulting in higher airflow and efficiency.

Bug Screen:

A screen that keeps out bugs, animals, and unwanted debris, from getting into the home.

Computer Balanced Fan Blades:

High-performance fan blades that cut through the air in the most efficient and effective way possible.

How it works

Rather than bringing in fresh air from the inside of the home like a whole house fan, for instance, an attic fan is a specific type of fan designed to remove the hot, stale air from the attic of a home. You will feel the benefit of this fan mostly on your cooling bill. Since attic fans remove the hottest air in the home, your air conditioner will be more efficient and you may be able to run it less while still effectively cooling your home.


Warranty: 15 years