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Providing Everything You Need For a Successful Solar Installation


Energy audit and efficiency

As a professional power engineering company, LAZEN Solar's experience and knowledge on the field will help you lower your rising electricity bills & make your energy consumption more efficient.

Before every solar system installation, LAZEN Solar's team offers a free energy audit & efficiency. This service is the best way to maximize your new solar energy supply, as well as your monthly electrical savings.

Solar PV installation

Tired of paying expensive energy bills? Do you value the environment? Do you like to see a high rate of return on your investment? Are you looking for a way to save on your home improvement projects?

With LAZEN Solar’s PV panel installation, you can lower your utility bills, fully power your entire home, make home renovations for free or just charge your electric car battery. It has been proven to be clean, safe and reliable. If you’re Then you should make the switch to solar electric. Solar electric is an affordable way to lower your electricity costs each month while limiting your carbon footprint. 

When you install solar panels on your home or in a nearby sunny area, the solar cells inside the solar panel begin collecting energy from the sun. This energy travels down to a converter that converts the electricity from DC to AC for use in your home. As long as the sun is out, your solar panels never stop generating electricity. Their peak performance is midday during the summer months, but even in winter on a cloudy day, solar panels can still help power your home & make you a lot of savings.


Drone footage

Thinking about installing your solar system with us? LAZEN Solar provides drone inspection services for both residential and commercial solar installations.

Drones are safer, more accurate, and more cost effective than manual inspections. Plus, our thermal imaging and RGB capabilities can help identify any cause of defects or thermal anomalies on your roof or installation area.

With Lazen Solar’s drone inspection we provide the client with roof damage reports, measurement reports, and reports that can be utilized for insurance claims. In addition, you can receive a 3D mock up of your property improvement as well as your solar system installation.

Home improvement

Are you looking for ways to improve your property? Don’t worry, there are amazing home and property improvement options available today. If finance is your concern, you have options for that as well. The various financing options benefit property owners by allowing them to cancel out costs for improvements. You can do so without any energy-savings pay or upfront costs. The solar power economics have certainly become lucrative and compelling. But it’s up to you to control the amount you save.


Brands We Install

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