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Residential Solar Orlando

There are numerous reasons for homeowners to transition to solar energy in Orlando, Fl.. An increasing number of Florida homeowners are making use of the abundant sunshine in the region, harnessing it to benefit their homes.

• Decrease your monthly energy bill by up to 100%.
• You’ll also gain the peace of mind that comes with reliable backup power during storms and hurricanes.

solar panel


• Supply your home with 100% clean, renewable energy to power ALL of your electrical needs.

• A residential solar energy system can increase your home’s value by up to 15%.

• Keep the lights on and appliances running during and after storms.


• A solar energy system can help you reduce your monthly energy bill by up to 100%.

• Most solar energy systems help homeowners save so much money that they pay for themselves in 6-8 years.


• Solar energy is completely clean and completely renewable. Using it to power your home can help you reduce CO2 emissions by up to 1 ton every single year.

• Solar energy doesn’t release harmful greenhouse gases that contribute to global warming and climate change.

• Utilizing solar energy requires NO pollution and solar panels run clean and quiet.

• No ecosystems or habitats around the world are damaged by the use of solar energy. 

Lazen Solar, located in Orlando, Florida, offers a comprehensive array of residential solar solutions, making it a leading choice for homeowners looking to harness solar energy. Their services include custom solar panel installations, EV chargers, and solar panel cleaning, all tailored to meet individual energy needs and preferences. With a focus on providing sustainable and efficient power sources, Lazen Solar integrates cutting-edge technology in its solutions.

Lazen Solar is not just another solar company; it stands out with its foundation in electrical engineering. As a division of an established Electrical Engineering Company with both PE and EC licenses in Florida, they bring a unique blend of solar professionalism focusing on Solar PV project engineering, design, and installation. This expertise ensures that each project is handled with utmost consideration and skill, offering homeowners not just solar solutions but an investment in quality and efficiency.

Understanding that going solar is a significant decision, Lazen Solar emphasizes a transparent and smooth process. They pride themselves on their in-house team, capable of offering a range of services from electrical to structural and civil engineering. This integrated approach allows them to deliver tailored plans and specifications, unique to each client's needs. Their vision, "A world powered by clean energy," reflects their commitment to empowering homeowners with the right information and solutions for their specific energy goals.

Moreover, Lazen Solar's commitment to quality is evident in their workmanship warranty, which provides comprehensive coverage for your entire system for 25 years from the date of equipment installation. They also offer a limited roof warranty against defects or leaks related to their installation for a period of five years. Their installation teams, with over 30 years of combined experience in electrical, solar, and roofing, are employed directly by Lazen Solar, ensuring accountability to their high standards on every project.

In addition to solar panel solutions, Lazen Solar extends its services to include various home services such as roofing, handyman service, AC installation, interior exterior paint, pressure wash, and drone service, thereby offering a holistic approach to home energy management and maintenance.

Lazen Solar's approach is customer-centric, focusing on providing honest information, fair pricing, and quality installations. They aim to empower people to make the best decision for their specific energy needs and goals, which is evident in their no-pressure sales approach and their dedication to providing high standards and fair pricing.

For those in the Orlando area considering solar energy solutions, Lazen Solar emerges as a top contender, offering a blend of engineering expertise, quality assurance, and customer-focused services.

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